Padang Aro, (Antaranews Sumbar) - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) managed by Bhayangkari of South Solok District, West Sumatra, develop green and white tea businesses in cooperation with PT Mitra Kerinci which is a subsidiary of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia.

Head of Bhayangkari Branch of South Solok, Dania Nurdin, in Padang Aro, Thursday, said the processing is given the brand of "Teh Bunda" and it is managed by Bhayangkari members in both offline and online marketing.

She said for the best quality tea in the world, white will be released at competitive price at the market later.

The price of white tea in the market today is around Rp300 thousand per 100 grams and it will provide the best price under the market.

White and green tea have advantages and good health benefits ranging from improving body detox, dietary needs, skin health and others.

"We hope these two products will become the best icon of Bhayangkari MSME of South Solok," she remarked.

Meanwhile, Marketing Manager of PT Mitra Kerinci, Boy Risnal explained the cooperation between Bhayangkari Branch of South Solok with his side has been in a long planned.

"Both of tea types are international quality that used to market abroad," he said.

Previously these two products are not marketed to Indonesia. But, to assist the development of MSMEs managed by Bhayangkari, PT Mitra Kerinci manufactures specialty.

For a given type of green tea, it is a type of oloong tea which is usually marketed in Taiwan and other countries in asia.

It has a resemblance to regular green tea but it has a difference.

From the taste, it is already much different because ordinary green tea has a bitter taste while this type is not as well as has many properties.

Meanwhile, for white tea product, it is a standart production that marketed in foreign countries.

The two best teas owned by PT Mitra Kerinci only have a land area of 20 hectares for its production.

Therefore the production is limited with a relatively expensive price so it is targeting a special consumer, he added. (cha)